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Starting a Warehouse Gym in Malta

setting up a gym in malta

Starting a Warehouse Gym in Malta

Starting a warehouse gym in Malta ain’t easy. You won’t be able to rent a garage or warehouse in Malta, throw in a power rack, some free weights and a loud stereo and just expect every hardcore lifter to camp in front of your gym awaiting for your presence.

Street Level Warehouse with office space

Street Level Warehouse with office space

 Running a business is a whole new world compared to training clients under the roof of someone else’s gym. You have tons to think about, juggle, organize, constantly reinvent and improve upon.

You need to take care of: rent, pay the utilities, organize the scheduling of clients and coaches, handle memberships/payments, be ready for Murphy’s Law and plenty more.

Starting a Warehouse Gym in Malta Top 10 Need to Know Facts

1. To run highly successful warehouse gyms, or any business for that matter,  you must never give up.

2. There are no excuses and you have to claim full responsibility and accountability for your success or failure.

3. Successful business owners constantly invest in their eduction. Education is an investment.

4. Learn to fix problems and become successful.

5. Learn 100 ways to spread the word and market yourself.

6. Learn how to take care of you athletes like they’re family.

7. You need to become a people’s person and have multiple personalities for different clients.

8. Learn how to lay down the law.

9. Learn how to the extra work involved such as cleaning the toilets.#

10. Luck

 setting up a gym in malta

Remember who counts most: YOUR Family. Your family is also the members of your gym. The athletes you train are your family. You want them to succeed as you want your own children to succeed. You won’t make excuses for them. If they are slackin’, disrespecting the gym in any way shape or form, they will be reprimanded. Some will be removed from the gym.

Running a gym requires business knowledge and marketing, if you lie and invent stories than you will not suceed.

So, in a nut shell, you better be damn GREAT at what you do. Many will tell you to quit and do things differently.

If you an handle all this and more, then running your own warehouse gym is gonna be the best  “job” for you.