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Choosing the right location for your Business in Malta

Choosing the right location for your Business in Malta


Location of your offices are a very important factor to ensure your business thrives, which is why using a reputable commercial letting agent is of prime importance. Our team have a very extensive knowledge of the local commercial areas, as most of our staff are of Maltese nationality .… though of course a lot depends on the nature of your business, ensuring your staff work in a comfortable environment, and a host of other factors that need to be included in the search for the best and most suitable commercial area and location.

For a retail shop, manufacturing and distribution businesses, location is arguably a critical element for the success of the overall operation. On the other hand, for an online service-related business (such as i-gaming or software development) or a consultancy service the actual location may be able to take a back seat in the decision. Thus by way of example, if one intends to invest in a restaurant, than the issues such as closeness or distance away from leisure-hubs, surrounding landscapes availability of parking space and so on and so-forth acquire particular importance when shortlisting properties. For a software based business, a sound and reliable broadband connection is key, distances to and from urban conglomerates less so.

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Choosing the right location for your Business in Malta

Whatever the nature of your business, before you start looking for the right property, it is of paramount importance to identify one’s needs:

    The Key Elements

  • Floor space and layout – We have a range of offices and commercial outlets having varied floor layouts, however partitioning can be organised as your business requires.
  • Equipment facilities – All our properties come with a specified list of amenities including alarm systems, security equipment, cabling (CAT6), back-up power, maintenance facilities (extra to cost), parking facilities and a host of other amenities
  • Catering facilities – An important factor is whether the commercial offices/ warehouses/ etc have an in house catering facility or whether there are nearby catering businesses to cater for your staff.
  • Budget – and final of course your budget. We are experienced in knowing the market prices of all types of commercial properties including offices, restaurants, shops and retail outlets, industrial property leasing and a host of other business premises. It is of course quite normal that the closer the properties are to the Sliema and St Julians areas, the higher the market price per square metre.

Identifying one’s needs can understandably be a time-consuming process which though exciting in itself may be tedious at times. Yet it is a vital exercise as a poor choice of location may be difficult if not impossible to repair. Of course professional assistance may help, and we at Office in Malta are ready to provide our advice building upon our extensive experiences.

The type of location one should go for depends largely on the type of business one is engaged in, though of course but there are ample mixed-use areas and creative applications of space that should be given some thought before making a final decision – and this is more and more so in a small island like Malta. By way of example, industrial zones, shopping malls and office buildings may have retail space in which they seek to attract restaurants and other facilities that their business tenants want nearby. This not to underestimate the possibility of a stroke of genius which would help you maximise the possibilities of an unconventional site for a particular business…